You know that you’re capable of great things. 

But overwhelm and firefighting are getting in the way.


WATT Coaching helps driven, yet burnt out business owners to gain clarity, overcome the overwhelm and keep striving to achieve their dreams without losing their passion and drive or neglecting themselves in the process.


Your business is growing quicker than you could have hoped for.

You’re on a roll with fresh ideas as the inspiration and new customers keep flooding in.

You’ve exceeded the goals and targets that you set with your business coach

just 12 months ago.

You. Are. Smashing It!


But then… it’s like you’re a different person.


You start to panic; there’s so much to do! 

You jump from task to task in a bid to get everything done.


You can’t think clearly, and you keep forgetting important dates.

You’re working all the hours in the day just to keep your head above water.

You feel exhausted but you just can’t switch off from it all. 


Is this really what you wanted when you set out? 

Wasn't there meant to be more time with the family and a lifestyle that meant you could take some time out to go for a walk in the day?


Wasn't it meant to support your health and wellbeing, not make it worse?


You don’t want your business to fail but you’re scared to admit you’re not coping.

You know you have it in you. 

You just need some help…


It’s so easy to burn out when your passion and high drive turns to firefighting what’s in front of you every day and you can’t see the wood for the trees.


But it doesn’t have to be like this. 

You can keep striving to achieve your dreams AND look after yourself too.


That’s where I come in. 

I can help you to see the Wood And The Trees.

I help driven, yet burnt out, business owners just like you, to gain clarity, so you can continue striving to grow your business without losing your passion and drive or neglecting your own needs in the process.


Hi, I'm  Jo

Just like you, I too know the joy of clearing off your to do list followed by the weight of realising there is so much still left to do because you are juggling so many roles and responsibilities in your life.


I have also set myself such high standards to hit, that despite giving it my all, I still feel like I haven’t quite made the grade.


And I too have felt the frustration when I know I am capable of more, but I’m so exhausted that I just don’t have the energy to keep on pushing.

But I have also discovered how to overcome them.


Now, I'm able to dip into my toolbox so I can help others do the same.

When you work with me, I will draw on:

  • My knowledge of healthcare and the brain and body, which I gained during my career as a neurological physiotherapist

  • My experience of high-level performance when competing for GB in triathlon and duathlon

  • The tools and skills I developed though my qualifications in NLP, hypnosis and health and life coaching


…to tailor-make a bespoke package just for you.


Discover what is possible when you can see the
Wood And The Trees

Uncover your roadblocks to peak performance in your work, at home, in your relationships and leisure activities.

Learn how to overcome the habits trapping you in cycles of overwhelm, worry and self-doubt.


Banish procrastination and keep moving forwards instead.


Discover your capabilities when you have clarity, consistent energy and motivation to keep you striving towards your dream life.


Get crystal clear on your next steps to unleashing your potential. 

Book your 60-minute Exploration Session for just £50, and when you do, you'll receive a voucher for £50 off the price of any package!


Take your next steps to clarity:

1.       Download your copy of my Habit Change E-book

2.      Identify what’s holding you back in your life

3.      Plan ways to get you back on track