Have you ever had that experience where everything is going your way, you’re on top of things and they’re all going to plan…you feel like you’re flying, and it feels so good! Then, a few days later, it all starts to feel like an uphill struggle, people are hassling you, you can’t get anything done and you feel like you’re getting further away from the outcomes you want, not closer?

How can it feel so easy one day and like such hard work the next?

Maybe you didn’t even notice yourself falling down the slippery slope into reduced productivity, jumping from task to task and not really getting very much done at all. You start procrastinating, you lose focus, and you just can’t summon the energy you need to create the results you were getting just a few days before.

Sometimes we can get bogged down in the day-to-day details of life and we can’t see the wood for the trees.

That’s where I come in.

My aim is to enable my clients to be able to see the Wood And The Trees so they can gain clarity and continue moving forwards on the path that they want to be on, without wasting precious time and energy.


Hi, I'm  Jo

I work with highly motivated people who get frustrated when their focused drive and effective planning suddenly appears to tip into firefighting problems on a daily basis, draining their time, energy and motivation and leaving them feeling like they are further from the results they want to achieve.

I enable them to gain clarity and focus so they can be more effective with their time, maintain their energy and output, and keep on driving forwards to achieve their aims without neglecting themselves or other areas of their lives'.


Performance Analysis
& Review

Experience the benefits of Performance & Wellness coaching and discover if it’s the right fit for you in this one-off 60-minute session for just £20.

Uncover what is currently stopping you from performing at your best in your work, at home, in your relationships and leisure activities.

Establish what habits are keeping you stuck in cycles of overwhelm, worry and self-doubt, and discover how you can overcome these with ease.

Develop a powerful vision for what you are capable of when you have consistent energy and motivation and uncover effective strategies to prevent procrastination and wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

Get crystal clear on your next steps to be even more effective with your time, and be able to give yourself more priority, so you can stop firefighting on a daily basis and start achieving the things that really matter.